Product award provides another big step up for Foston’s TwoTwenty

Housebuilder Product Awards 2017
Foston-based staircase manufacturer TwoTwenty has received its latest award for its ‘virtually flawless’ staircases for new homes.

Ali Wright, director of TwoTwenty, said:

“It’s estimated that two-thirds of all homes suffer from squeaky stairs, and in new homes, complaints about squeaks and springy stairs are commonplace for housebuilders and warranty providers, creating a clear cost to the new homes industry and lots of inconvenience for new home owners.

“A lot of those problems are due to inferior products. So we recognised the opportunity to bring our New Zealand pine staircases to the housebuilding market both as an alternative to the lower quality pine that so many suppliers sell into the market, and also as a high quality, sustainable alternative to hardwoods.

Low maintenance material

“New Zealand pine is a very low maintenance, virtually flawless material that doesn’t require any filling and sanding before installation. We know it creates far fewer snagging issues and a higher level of build quality. This is important and valuable recognition for us among our housebuilder clients, and another boost to the great team we have here at TwoTwenty.”

TwoTwenty New Zealand pine staircase New Zealand pine staircase TwoTwenty New Zealand pine staircase TwoTwenty New Zealand pine staircase

Each of TwoTwenty’s stairs is bespoke for the new homes being built, designed and manufactured to perfectly fit every home individually, and is made from FSC certified timber.

All TwoTwenty staircases are also fully accredited by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Stair Scheme. This means that all design processes and manufacturing operations have been independently verified. TwoTwenty is also regularly audited by the BWF Stair Scheme to ensure that its products meet the high standards required.

Maintaining high safety standards

As part of TwoTwenty’s commitment to maintaining safety and structural integrity standards in the industry, the firm has recently worked with C4Ci structural engineering consultants to independently test its winder staircases and produce a safe installation guide for its customers.

TwoTwenty has also introduced the possibility for new staircase configurations which eliminate the need for certain bulky and aesthetically displeasing structural elements. This gives housebuilders greater flexibility in the design and positioning of the staircase within the building.

TwoTwenty at Housebuilder Product Awards

TwoTwenty will celebrate its latest awards success at a winners’ lunch in the summer in London and has the opportunity to showcase its stairs in a product innovation showcase at The Build Show event at the NEC in October.

The company’s New Zealand pine staircase also goes on to be a finalist in the Housebuilder Awards in November for the chance to be crowned Product of the Year in front of an audience of more than 500 senior housebuilders and industry figures.

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